Organic arabica coffee farming method offered to Lam Dong’s Lac Duong District

Thursday, 2022-06-16 11:15:44
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Dr. Pham S (second, right) offers the ‘Exclusive process of cultivating organic Arabica coffee in Langbiang mountains’ to Lac Duong district.
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NDO – Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of Lam Dong Province Dr. Pham S handed over the ‘Exclusive process of cultivating organic Arabica coffee in the Langbiang Mountains’ to Lac Duong District, a locality that accounts for over 40% of the arabica coffee area in Lam Dong Province.

Dr. Pham S said that he has studied the cultivating process continuously for more than five years and it was certified by the Vietnam Copyright Office of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in May 2022.

“As a manager and scientist, I have researched for five consecutive years in Lac Duong District and found that the coffee production process has caused soil erosion and disrupted the landscape in addition to encroachment on forest land for farming. Thus, I studied the organic farming process to share it with the locality,” said Dr. Pham S.

Each stage of the process is clarified by the author from production to market orientation, becoming a manual for farmers in the process of conducting organic arabica coffee farming at the foot of Langbiang Mountain.

Dr. Pham S hopes that Lac Duong organic arabica coffee will be produced in 2024 and it will become the district’s first OCOP organic arabica coffee product, while at the same time facilitating the reorganisation of cooperative-scale production and production linkages, taking enterprises as the core, helping farmers reduce costs, and building Lac Duong into the district with the largest organic certified arabica coffee area in the country.

“I present the entire farming process and the global brand identity of arabica coffee to the district where is home to nearly 70% of ethnic minorities to help local people promote their economy, along with the expectation of opening the market for Lac Duong organic arabica coffee in the future. It is forecast that the Lac Duong organic arabica coffee brand will join the global value chain within the next two years,” said Dr. Pham S.