Vietnamese physicists' articles published on world’s premier physics letter journal

Wednesday, 2017-02-22 11:23:06
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Three Vietnamese physics (from left): Le Thi Quynh Huong, Nguyen Quang Hung, and Nguyen Dinh Dang. (Photo:
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NDO - For the first time, works by three Vietnamese scientists have been published by Physical Review Letters, one of the world’s premier physics letter journals.

The article entitled “Simultaneous microscopic description of nuclear level densities and radiative strength functions” was published in the Physical Review Letters 118, 022502 (2017).

It was the work of a team of Vietnamese scientists including Nguyen Quang Hung from Duy Tan University, Da Nang City, Vietnam, Nguyen Dinh Dang from RIKEN, Wako, Japan and Le Thi Quynh Huong from Khanh Hoa University, Nha Trang City, Vietnam.

In order to maintain its mission of providing a high-profile publication of important results in all areas of physics, Physical Review Letters maintain a strict acceptance criteria. In addition to being scientifically valid, published letters must meet the criteria of impact, innovation, and interest by doing at least one of the following:

Firstly, the scientists must open a new area of research, or new avenues of research within an established area, and therefore significantly influence the research of others. Secondly, they must solve, or make essential steps towards solving, a critical outstanding problem. Thirdly, if they present a new technique, or methodology, it should play a pivotal role in future physics research, and make apparent its immediate consequences for physicists.

As for Nguyen Quang Hung, the article is the result of his 10-year research period, which began when he became a PhD associate in July 2006 at RIKEN, Japan, and later in Vietnam in September 2010.