Israel water week to offer Vietnam with smart water governance solutions

Monday, 2018-07-09 16:50:21
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The drip irrigation system sponsored by the Israeli side at the Hanoi-based Vietnam National University of Agriculture.
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NDO - The Israel Water Week in Vietnam will take place in Hanoi from July 9-13, featuring various activities to offer Vietnam water governance solutions and share Israeli experience in water use and supply.

The event is co-organised by the Embassy of Israel in Vietnam and various other Vietnamese and Israeli authorities. Israeli experts from the Israeli Water Authority, Standards Institution, Hebrew University & New Tech Programme of Israel will join the week’s activities.

The main event is a workshop on “Smarter water governance and innovation”, co-organised by the Embassy of Israel, and the Foreign Trade Administration and National Center for Water Resources Planning and Investigation on July 13, focusing on sustainable water resource planning and management, and smart water and innovation. Experts from Israel, and the World Bank, as well as the relevant Vietnamese ministries and agencies in charge of water management, will join the workshop.

A seminar on Israeli water standardisation will be conducted from July 9-12 in order to share experience and information on water standardisation with the Vietnamese side. Five specialised sessions will cover Israeli water policy - government regulations, water supply company management, drip irrigation systems, waste recycling - international standardisation, and industrial sewage treatment.

In addition, on July 12, the Israeli side, together with the Vietnam Water Supply and Sewage Association, will jointly organise a networking conference on the Role of technologies in supporting the new development trend in the water industry. Israeli technology in the field of industrial water, agricultural water and water supply, as well as drip irrigation, industrial water treatment, sewage treatment and recycling, will be fully addressed at the conference.