Vietnam, RoK scientists gather at symposium on applied physics in Hanoi

Tuesday, 2019-01-15 11:38:22
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Overview of the symposium
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NDO – Nearly 80 leading scientists in applied physics and materials science from Vietnam and the Republic of Korea (RoK) are gathering at the Vietnam – RoK International Symposium on Applied Physics (V-KISAP) 2019, which is taking place in Hanoi from January 13 to 16.

The three-day symposium introduces 30 speeches covering the topics of current scientific interests, including new materials for energy and electronic applications, two-dimensional materials, nanostructure materials and devices, and magnetic materials and devices.

The event is co-organised by Vietnam Materials Research Society (V-MRS), Korean Physical Society (KPS), and Phenikaa University.

It aimed to foster exchange and cooperation among scientists and research groups between the two countries. It is also set to bring outcomes of research into life and expand training in these two fields.

Prof. Nguyen Duc Chien, Chair of Vietnam Materials Research Society, said that the symposium will create a new development step in cooperation between applied physics and materials science, thus facilitating further cooperation among the Vietnam Physics Society and its RoK partner.