Workshop to collect opinions on adjustment of 5-year-old child development standards

Thursday, 2021-12-09 05:29:01
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The expert consultation workshop on adjusting the 5-year-old pre-school development standards was held in an online form.
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NDO - An expert consultation workshop on adjusting the 5-year-old pre-school development standards was held on December 8, in an online form.

Head of the Ministry of Education and Training's Pre-school Education Department Nguyen Ba Minh said “The 5-year-old pre-school development standard has been built and implemented since 2010, until now, it has actively supported schools, teachers and parents in the implementation of the preschool education programme as well as the nurturing, care and development of children.”

Co-organised by the Ministry of Education and Training and Save the Children - a leading humanitarian organisation for children, the conference featured the participation of managers and experts from the Vietnam National Institute of Educational Sciences, pre-school education research centres, higher education institutions, and colleges that train preschool teachers.

According to the report on the results after 11 years of actual implementation from the grassroots level, administrators and preschool teachers all highly appreciate the role of the standard set in defining goals, developing plans, selecting select the content of care, education and assessment of the development of 5-year-old children in the implementation of the preschool education programme, contributing to improving the quality and preparing the mind for 5-year-old children to enter grade 1.

However, along with the change in socio-economic conditions, the development of 5-year-old pre-school children today is also very different from the previous period.

Former Deputy Director of the Institute of Pedagogical Research, Hanoi National University of Education, Dr. Ho Lam Hong said that children's cognitive, understanding, and language abilities today are very different from those of 10 years ago. Some contents in the 5-year-old pre-school development standards of Circular 23/2010/TT-BGDĐT have not kept pace with the development capacity and quality of children today. Therefore, the adjustment of 5-year-old pre-school development standards is regularly implemented by countries to match the development of science, education, and society.

Through reviewing Vietnam's current standards on the basis of reference to international standards and the practice of developing early childhood education in the country, assessing the socio-economic development that affects Vietnamese people in the coming period, the research team has proposed some adjustments in the name, purpose, structure, content, and wording of the 5-year-old preschool development standards.

At the workshop, in addition to the contents of the name, purpose, structure discussed, the delegates also focused on discussing areas such as: physical development, emotional and social development, language and communication development, cognitive development, and access to children's learning.

With the comments made during the workshop, the Ministry of Education and Training will continue to complete the draft to adjust the standards to meet the requirements of the Education Law 2019, consistent with the country's economic and social development, while ensuring its systematicity and connection with the requirements of the new primary education programme.