Foreign patients thank Vietnamese doctors at COVID-19 Resuscitation Hospital

Monday, 2021-09-27 10:19:09
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Y.U., a Bangladeshi patient with COVID-19, receiving instruction on discharge procedures from medical staff at the COVID-19 Resuscitation Hospital. (Photo:
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NDO - On the morning of September 20, Y.U., a Bangladeshi patient with COVID-19, was discharged from the COVID-19 Resuscitation Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City.

The foreign man could not hide his joy at being recovered after spending many days in the hospital. He is now able to walk on his own without having any severe symptoms of COVID-19.

“The doctors’ treatment is very good,” he said, adding that all the staff, doctors and volunteers are very helpful. “I’m very grateful for their help. They did a very good job and I’m very happy that I can get home,” Y.U stated.

Meanwhile, Y.B., a Congolese patient who is also receiving treatment at the COVID-19 Resuscitation Hospital, has seen positive signs of recovery.

Y.B has lived and worked in Ho Chi Minh City for a long time, and contracted COVID-19 when the fourth wave of the pandemic hit the city. After recognising that his health condition was worsening, he contacted the local medical station, after which he was taken to the COVID Resuscitation Hospital.

He recalled that after being hospitalised, he took medicine according to the advice of doctors and now he feels better. “Everything is OK now,” he said.

He extended his thanks for doctors, saying that God will bless all people at the hospital.

Patient Y.B extends his thanks to doctors and medical staff at the COVID-19 Resuscitation Hospital. (Photo:

According to Doctor Pham Minh Huy, head of the 7A Department at the COVID-19 Resuscitation Hospital, the department is now providing treatment to three foreign patients with COVID-19. All three patients were in severe conditions but after being hospitalised for treatment, their health has quickly seen improvements.

As the patients are Chinese, Bangladeshi and Congolese, doctors face certain language barriers in communication. However, the patients have carefully followed doctors’ instruction and shown good cooperation during their treatment.

“The language barrier is the biggest obstacle we have faced in treating foreign patients,” doctor Huy said, explaining that although some of medical staff at the department can speak English to support patients, several patients can’t speak English, making communication difficult.

Thus, the doctors must seek other ways to explain and provide guidance for patients, and help them understand the oxygen therapy and follow the treatment regimens.

Huy said he was happy to witness his patients get better and be discharged from the hospital.

"We have tried our best. I hope that every day more patients can be discharged from the hospital and return to their families," he said.

Located in Thu Duc City, the COVID-19 Resuscitation Hospital was put into operation on July 16 with a total capacity of 1,000 beds. The hospital is designed to provide treatment for severe and critical COVID-19 patients.

zingnews/ Translated by NDO