10 priority groups to receive free COVID-19 vaccine

Tuesday, 2021-04-06 17:14:46
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Vietnam aims to give vaccination to 20% of its population by the end of 2021.
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NDO - The Ministry of Health has just issued a dispatch asking 63 provinces and cities nationwide to promptlyreview and define the priority groups for the free injection of COVID-19 vaccines.

Accordingly, the Ministry of Health requested the Departments of Health of 63 provinces and cities urgently make a list of 10 priority groups to be vaccinated in accordance with Resolution No.21 of the Government and Announcement No. 47 of the Government Office.

The 10 priority groups should include: medical workers,people in the anti-pandemic effort (COVID-19 prevention and control steering committees at all levels, quarantine facility workers, reporters, volunteers, etc.), military forces (local forces participating in pandemic prevention),public security forces (forces working at localities in the anti-pandemic effort); diplomats; customs officers and people working entry and exit procedures; essential workers (aviation, transport, tourism staff, utility workers, etc.); teachers; people with chronic health issues; elders above 65 years old; people in virus-hit regions; the needy, policy beneficiaries; and people who want to study or work overseas.

The Ministry of Health requires the number for each group be sent to the Preventive Medicine Department andPasteur institutes before April 15, this will serve as the basis for the ministry to develop a plan to distribute the vaccine and implement vaccination.

53,000 Vietnamese people in 19 provinces and cities have already been vaccinated. Vietnam aims to administervaccination to 20% of its population by the end of 2021.