Electronic COVID-19 vaccine certification system to be deployed

Friday, 2021-09-10 17:14:42
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The interface for the electronic COVID-19 vaccine certification system
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NDO – The Ministry of Health (MoH) is about to put an electronic COVID-19 vaccine certification system into operation. The system's applications are also starting to be offered on the “app store” for iOS and Android and also applied to the electronic health book.

This is a newly implemented component of the National COVID-19 Immunization Management Platform, responsible for automatically receiving vaccination and testing information from management software and sending the data to the MoH.

Data is verified for accuracy and non-repudiation at each facility using digital signatures. The system also approves, digitally signs and issues vaccination certificates to people in QR code format with packaging according to the standards of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Union (EU).

In fact, the issuance of certificates of vaccination against COVID-19 vaccine is being applied in two forms: Issuing a certificate with a stamp at the injection site or issuing a QR code via the electronic health book application. The operation of the new system will digitise the certification process. Accordingly, the QR code will be automatically transferred to people through the electronic health book application of the MoH, or some other phone apps recognised by the MoH.

In addition, people can also get the certificate themselves on the website of the MoH’s Department of Preventive Medicine, or print out a paper copy to bring with them. The system's signing and certification capacity is at 10 million copies/day, so it can completely meet the current demand.

The biggest advantage of the system is ensuring verification and preventing the counterfeiting of vaccination certificates - a problem that many European countries are facing; while at the same time ensuring the chain of verification from grassroots to ministerial level is transparent and accurate for each citizen and each vaccination certificate. On the other hand, the system also meets the requirements of international interoperability according to standards issued by WHO and EU.