Vietnam pilots money withdrawal at cash machines using chip-mounted ID cards

Monday, 2022-05-09 17:11:56
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Vietnamese citizens can use their chip-mounted ID cards to withdraw money at cash machines. (Photo: VNA)
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NDO - The initiative to withdraw money from ATM machines using chip-mounted identity cards is being piloted by the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) at a number of banks in Hanoi and Quang Ninh Province.

After a customer has their ID card scanned at the cash machine, the system will check the information on the card and then verify the customer’s face and fingerprint before they can withdraw money in order to prevent fraud.

According to the MPS, using ID cards for automated banking transactions will reduce administrative procedures and minimise account forgery and mistakes when transferring or withdrawing money.

The new method is more secure as more items of information are verified, compared with the conventional method of only using a PIN number.

In addition to banking transactions, Vietnamese citizens can now use their chip-mounted ID cards to replace their health insurance cards when visiting some healthcare facilities.

The Vietnamese government is expecting that most personal documents will be replaced with chip-mounted ID cards under a national digital transformation plan during the 2022-2025 period with a vision towards 2030.

By the end of 2022, data such as vaccination information, driving licence and vehicle registration will be integrated in chip-mounted ID cards.