Ha Tinh: Vietnamese volunteer soldiers awarded Lao accolades

Wednesday, 2016-11-02 17:31:28
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Ha Tinh–based volunteer soldiers honoured with Lao orders and medals at the ceremony. (Photo: baohatinh.vn)
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NDO—A ceremony was held in Ha Tinh province on November 2 to award orders and medals from the Lao State to 358 Vietnamese volunteer soldiers and experts, as well as the relatives of martyrs from the province who made contributions to the Lao revolution for national liberation.

After the success of the August Revolution, the Vietnamese and Lao Governments signed an agreement on mutual support and established the Lao-Vietnamese joint staff in the interest of the defence each country’s independence.

Accordingly, a Vietnamese taskforce operating in Laos was formed on October 30, 1945 under the name “Vietnamese volunteer soldiers.”

During the 1945-1975 period, over 500,000 Vietnamese soldiers and experts volunteered to assist Laos with its national defence and construction. Over 10,000 of them were from Ha Tinh Province and 1,000 of their number laid down their lives in Laos.

The presentation of the Lao accolades to former soldiers and experts from Ha Tinh aimed to acknowledge their support and contributions to the Lao Revolution.

Speaking at the event, Lao Ambassador to Vietnam Thongsavanh Phomvihan reviewed the special and faithful relations between the two countries, stressing that the Lao Party, State and People had never forgotten the wholehearted support of the People’s Army of Vietnam in their the national revolution.

The Ambassador expressed his belief that the former volunteer soldiers would be a key force in nurturing the longstanding relations between the two peoples.