Nhan Dan Newspaper holds meeting for correspondents

Tuesday, 2018-03-13 17:11:50
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Editor-in-Chief of the Nhan Dan Newspaper Thuan Huu speaks at the meeting.
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NDO - The Editorial Board of Nhan Dan (People) Newspaper hosted a meeting in the central city of Da Nang on March 13 for correspondents of the newspaper who are working in cities and provinces across the country.

The meeting was attended by Thuan Huu, a member of the Party Central Committee (PCC), Editor-in-Chief of the Nhan Dan Newspaper, Deputy Head of the PCC Communication and Education Commission, and Chairman of the Vietnam Journalists Association.

Speaking at the meeting, Editor-in-chief Thuan Huu emphasised that over the past time, Nhan Dan Newspaper has exerted great efforts in order to develop into a multimedia agency.

The newspaper has closely followed the direction of the Politburo and the Secretariat as well as attached great importance to popularising the Party’s guidelines and resolutions and the State’s policies and laws, he added.

Editor-in-chief Thuan Huu also spoke highly of efforts made by the newspaper’s correspondents in fulfilling their tasks and significantly contributed to enhancing the quality of Nhan Dan Newspaper.

Addressing the meeting, Head of the Da Nang municipal Party Committee’s Communication and Education Committee, Dang Viet Dung acknowledged the great contributions made by Nhan Dan Newspaper to Da Nang’s renovation, construction, and development process.

The newspaper has accurately reflected the urgent issues related to socio-economic development and the fight against corruption, waste, and moral degradation, contributing to the upholding of the leadership of the Party and enhancing the efficiency of the city government, he noted.

For his part, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Nhan Dan Newspaper, Dinh Nhu Hoan expressed his thanks to the authorities and people of Da Nang for their support over the past time.

The activities of correspondents of Nhan Dan Newspaper have always followed the general situation of the whole country as well as specific areas, in order to reflect the information in a timely, objective, and accurate manner, he added.

At the meeting, local correspondents contributed a range of ideas and solutions to overcome difficulties and inadequacies in the process of operation, as well as to improve the quality of all publications of Nhan Dan Newspaper.

The meeting is scheduled to last until March 15.