"The best day" of poor women in the capital city’s boarding hamlet

Monday, 2019-10-21 12:45:10
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On October 19, the poor boarding hamlet at the foot of Long Bien Bridge became more bustling and busier than usual because the elderly women had the chance to wear Ao Dai (Vietnamese traditional long dress), be made-up beautifully and perform on a stage on the occasion of Vietnam Women’s Day.
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NDO – Elderly women who are living in a boarding hamlet at the foot of Long Bien Bridge in Hanoi have to earn their living through a variety of jobs such as selling water, scrap dealing, picking up trash, and porter.

Many of them do not have a small house to live in or a proper family. Even many elderlies have never been made-up, wore a skirt or received a present on Vietnam Women’s Day (October 20).

This year, they had the chance to enjoy the ‘best day’ of their lives as they were made-up, wore beautiful clothes and received love and respect.

The programme was organised by Hoi Tu Thien That (The Truth Charity Association), helping female labourers in the hamlet make happy memories.

Volunteers making-up, hairdressing and helping women wear Ao Dai.

Nguyen Thi Tien (79 years old), who came to Hanoi from Bac Giang in 1993 to earn a living by scrap dealing, said that she could not remember the last time she was made-up and wore an Ao Dai.

Vu Thi Dung (70 years old), who has earned living in Hanoi for nearly 20 years, shared that she has not known the Vietnam Women Day until now.

The hard-working women put-aside their daily livelihoods to look better on their day.

The awkward steps of "special models"

The radiant faces of the poor women

The stage was set up on the road where they go to work everyday, but it was full of love and warmth for the women living in difficult circumstances.

The programme really brought happiness and joy to poor women.

DUY LINH - HUY PHAM/Translated by NDO