Measures discussed on removing difficulties for businesses and workers amid COVID-19

Thursday, 2020-06-04 12:42:31
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President of the Vietnam General Confederation of Labour Nguyen Dinh Khang delivers his speech at the meeting. (Photo:
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NDO – Measures were on discussion at a meeting between the Vietnam General Confederation of Labour (VGCL) and the Ho Chi Minh City Confederation of Labour on June 3, aiming at seeking ways to remove difficulties for local businesses and workers affected by COVID-19.

At the meeting, President of the VGCL Nguyen Dinh Khang pointed to a number of key tasks that the city’s Confederation of Labour should deploy in the remaining months of 2020, with a focus on supporting workers affected by COVID-19, while enhancing dialogues and innovating trade union activities to contribute to the care and protection of workers' legitimate rights.

Vice President of Ho Chi Minh City Confederation of Labour Kieu Ngoc Vu petitioned that the VGCL should soon study and innovate policies to care for its members and workers, while raising the level of support in line with the actual situation, as well as proposing to the Government on solutions to resolve employment issues for labourers.

On June 3, localities across the nation continued implementing activities to support local people affected by COVID-19. Head of the Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs of Thai Nguyen Province Nguyen Thi Quynh Huong said that Thai Nguyen has provided financial assistance under the government’s VND62 trillion bailout package to 166,894 local residents so far, reaching 99.52% of the poor, near-poor households, people with meritorious service to the nation and social beneficiaries. Seven out of its nine districts, towns and cities have finished the disbursement. There are currently more than 800 people in the districts of Vo Nhai and Dong Hy that have not been paid because of their absence. Thai Nguyen will accelerate the progress of review and evaluation to boost the disbursement in June.

Residents of Dinh Hoa District, Thai Nguyen Province, receive financial support from the government’s VND62 trillion bailout package in support of those affected by COVID-19. (Photo: NDO/The Binh)

Khanh Hoa Province has published a list of administrative procedures on the implementation of policies to support people in difficulty due to COVID-19. The list includes five administrative procedures on labour, wages and employment. Khanh Hoa plans to complete the financial disbursement from the government’s package to local people facing difficulties due to COVID-19 before July 31.

Also on June 3, Chairman of Tra Vinh Province Fatherland Front Committee Nguyen Van Triet said that so far, the province has disbursed a total of over VND133 billion from the VND62 trillion package to nearly 140,000 people under the four target groups eligible for support. In addition, after two months since a call for support the fight against COVID-19 and drought and saline intrusion in the province, Tra Vinh received donations worth more than VND8.2 billion in cash and over VND1 billion worth of goods from 575 organisations and individuals. The province’s Fatherland Front Committee has allocated over VND7 billion from the donation to the local disadvantaged. The unit has also called on Tra Vinh Lottery Company to support nearly 6,500 lottery ticket sellers affected by COVID-19, with a total budget of more than VND 5.8 billion. Each seller will receive VND60,000 per day for 15 days.

On June 3, Binh Duong Province Red Cross Society coordinated with other local departments and units presented gifts worth more than VND1.4 billion to 737 humanitarian addresses in the province. Each address received VND 1.8 million in cash and gifts (including rice, cooking oil and other necessities) worth VND100,000. From the beginning of 2020, society has cooperated with departments and branches to support 2,792 humanitarian addresses with the amount of more than VND5 billion. Along with that, the unit has also organised 17 voluntary blood donation drives, opened six humanitarian markets to issue 6,000 coupons for free necessities, and presented gifts, scholarships, bicycles and free meals to local people in difficulties.

On June 3, in Bac Lieu City, Bac Lieu Province, the My Lai Peace Foundation in cooperation with the Associations of Victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin in the provinces of Bac Lieu and Ca Mau presented gifts to local victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin and bicycles to disadvantaged students. At the event, 15 houses (worth VND50 million each) were presented to victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin, while 90 bicycles were also granted to poor students in the three provinces of Bac Lieu, Hau Giang and Ca Mau.

In Hanoi, the municipal People's Committee has issued an official letter calling on local service servants and officials to donate their one day's salary to support the fight against COVID-19. The Hanoi People's Committee requested local authorities to urgently organise the donations and transfer them to the Hanoi Fatherland Front Committee.