Helping flood victims stabilise their lives and restore production

Wednesday, 2020-11-18 16:50:50
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Huong Viet Kindergarten in Huong Viet commune, Huong Hoa district, Quang Tri province hit by floods.
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NDO - The central region of Vietnam has beenconsecutively hit by eight tropical storms since early October this year. Although the direct consequences of the storms were not great, the storm circulation caused heavy rains on a large scale along with many serious landslides which damaged houses, crops and the property of hundreds of thousands of households.

During and after the rains and floods, the Party and the Government implemented many policies to support local people in the central region to overcome the consequences of natural disasters.

People from across the country have also actively called for support and participated in the movement to assist the flood-hit people in the central region.

The Vietnamese community abroad and international organisations also conducted a number of activities to make timely donations and support local people in the central region.

Many organisations and individuals called for aid and established volunteer groups to directly go to areas severely affected by natural disasters in order to support local people.

After being destroyed by rains and floods, all spiritual and material support for victims in the central region is precious. However, unpleasant things have still happenedin some places.

We have seen people in flood-hit areas sell donated instant noodles to buy rice, a warehouse of donated clothing unclaimed as it is not suitable for rural people, a pile of books not accepted by students because the curriculum is out of date, and others.

After the flooding, hundreds of thousands of households lost their homes and needed stable accommodation.

They also need production materials because severe floods and prolonged heavy rains have damaged or swept away production equipment, materials, seedlings, seeds,cattle, poultry and stored food.

Support activities carried out by the Party, State and the community have contributed to helping affected peoplerecover after the flooding and the more important thing is to promptly help them stabilise their accommodation and restore production.

Only the restoration of the production infrastructure andmaterials can help local people in flood-hit areas quickly generate food and income to stabilise their lives.