Outstanding examples in legal affairs to be honoured

Wednesday, 2021-06-16 17:29:45
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NDO – As many as 50 individuals representing sectors and localities across the country, who have made positive contributions in the cause of law building, enforcement and protection, will be honoured on the occasion of the Vietnam Law Day (November 9).

The Phap Luat Vietnam (Vietnam Law) newspaper, under the Ministry of Justice (MOJ), has officially launched a programme on voting for and honouring outstanding examples in legal affairs, in accordance with Decision No. 341/QD-BTP as issued by the Justice Minister on March 9, 2021.

MOJ Deputy Minister Nguyen Thanh Tinh, head of the steering committee for the programme, said the programme aims to honour exemplary individuals in law building and enforcement, thus widely spreading positive images, brave examples and sacrifices of citizens and officials in the cause of building a socialist law-governed Vietnamese state.

It also seeks to raise the effectiveness of legal propaganda and promote the rule of law and the spirit of living and working under the Constitution, towards celebrating Vietnam Law Day.

According to Editor-in-chief of Phap Luat Vietnam newspaper Dao Van Hoi, head of the organising committee, the subjects to be voted on are civil servants and employees in state agencies, armed forces, and businesses, and individuals conferred with titles and awards at the provincial level or higher by state management agencies, political organisations, socio-political organisations and socio-professional organisations in recognition of their efforts and contributions in performing duties.

Other nominees are individuals residing in Vietnam with positive actions and deeds, and contributions to the process of law making and organising law enforcement. In addition, individuals living in Vietnam with brave actions and sacrifices in upholding the law and safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of agencies, organisations and the community.

Based on the list of nominations, the Selection Council, comprised of 9-11 prestigious individuals representing state agencies, socio-political organisations and socio-professional organisations, will sort the 50 most outstanding entries via their method of marking and voting. These will be honoured by the Central Council for Law Education and Dissemination and the MOJ at a ceremony held on the occasion of Vietnam Law Day.

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