Deputy PM urges greater efforts to prevent crime, smuggling, and trade fraud

Thursday, 2020-07-23 17:12:20
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At the conference
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NDO – The Government’s Steering Committee on Crime Prevention (Steering Committee 138) and the National Steering Committee for the Prevention of and Fight against smuggling, trade fraud and counterfeit goods (Steering Committee 389) held a conference in Hanoi on July 23 to review their performances relating to tasks in the first half of 2020 and to roll out new plans for the second half of the year.

According to reports at the conference, over the past six months, police forces nationwide in coordination with the relevant forces have launched various intensive campaigns against crime, coordinating to effectively prevent and fight crimes related to counterfeit goods and smuggling, successfully investigating major cases and arresting heads of smuggling rings. The police have cracked down on nearly 20,000 violations of social order, arresting over 45,000 people involved.

Meanwhile, over 75,000 cases and offences of smuggling, trade fraud and counterfeiting were handled (down 12% year-on-year), over VND11 trillion was confiscated into the State budget (an 83% year-on-year increase) and 1,128 cases and 1,346 people were prosecuted.

Applauding improvements in crime prevention and control, Permanent Deputy Prime Minister Binh acknowledged the efforts of functional forces from central to local levels in the fight against crime, contributing to stabilising the national socio-economic situation and strengthening confidence amongst the people.

He also asked the relevant ministries, branches and localities to grasp the situation, overcome their shortcomings and promote State management in ensuring security and order, as well as preventing and combating smuggling, trade fraud and counterfeit goods.

More attention should be paid to investigating and handling organised crime, human trafficking, drug-related crimes, “loan sharking”, illegal exploitation of mineral resources, smuggling of petroleum and mineral products and counterfeit goods, he noted.