Artists congratulate Nhan Dan Newspaper on its first issue’s 70th anniversary

Friday, 2021-03-12 11:39:01
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Painters, who are collaborators of Nhan Dan Monthly, at an exhibition of their paintings held at Nhan Dan Newspaper's headquarters in June 2020.
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NDO – Experts, cultural researchers and artists working as collaborators of Nhan Dan Newspaper conveyed their best wishes on the 70th anniversary of the first issue of the newspaper (March 11, 1951-2021) and expressed their belief that the newspaper will continue flourishing into the future.

Poet Nguyen Quang Thieu, Chairman of the Vietnam Writers’ Association:

I have read Nhan Dan Newspaper for more than four decades. The newspaper has a close approach to assorted issues on politics, culture and social life while delivering the voice of the people, particularly artists.

In such a political organ, literature is featured promptly and boldly as it gathers the participation of artists from different generations with different approaches to the arts. Many celebrated writers and artists have become regular collaborators of Nhan Dan Newspaper as they found it as a favourable venue to voice their opinions on life, arts, politics and other issues of the country.

Architect Pham Thanh Tung, Chief of Office of the Vietnam Architects’ Association:

Last year, I received an order to pen an article for the newspaper on how cities were responding to COVID-19 pandemic. This showed that the newspaper has a very sharp approach to the beat of life as the issue had not previously caught attention from any newspaper before.

As a regular collaborator of Nhan Dan Newspaper for many years, I held that Nhan Dan has made remarkable contributions to the development of culture and urban architecture.

I will continue to enthusiastically coordinate with Nhan Dan Newspaper far as possible. I hope that the newspaper will further develop into a multimedia press group, deserving of its reputation as the voice of the Party, State and people of Vietnam.

Literature critic Bui Viet Thang:

Among the newspapers I have coordinated with, Nhan Dan Newspaper has left the most memories for me. My first article on Nhan Dan Newspaper was published on June 22, 1985, in which I gave comments on several novels on the theme of rural areas, agriculture and farmers.

Me and many of my friends, including Le Quang Trang, Nguyen An, Ngo Vinh Binh, Bich Thu, Ton Phuong Lan, and Phan Trong Thuong, have a strong attachment to the newspaper.

I think that the development of any newspaper has greatly contributed by loyal collaborators from various professional backgrounds, including those working in literature and arts.

Painter Dao Hai Phong:

I have collaborated with several newspapers, including the Nhan Dan Monthly, which I saw as a vivid example of renovation efforts in both content and appearance. The renovated Nhan Dan Monthly opens up many columns touching new topics covering the developments of today's society.

I feel very comfortable while collaborating with Nhan Dan Monthly as an illustrator for articles, short stories and poems. Although printed newspapers have faced certain challenges in the era of digitalisation and online newspapers, I believe that with its time-honoured history, Nhan Dan Newspaper will continue develop and be viewed as a meeting place of many collaborators and artists across the country.

Musician Nguyen Quang Long:

I’ve been reading Nhan Dan Newspaper since I was just a middle school student. My favourite columns are editorials, particularly editorials on issues published during Tet (Lunar New Year) festival. I still maintain the habit until today; in the wake of the new spring, the special Tet issue of Nhan Dan Newspaper is always presented in my family.

Nhan Dan Newspaper is a major newspaper in the country, which has adopted renovations over the past decade for development. In addition to Nhan Dan Daily, the newspaper now has other publications including Nhan Dan Weekend, Nhan Dan Monthly, Nhan Dan Online, and Thoi Nay. In addition, Nhan Dan Television Channel has established its own position among television viewers.

The Industry 4.0 opens up both opportunities and difficulties. I hope that Nhan Dan Newspaper will continue the constant updating of technology in its operation in order to remain deserving of its status as one of the leading press agencies in the country, while fulfilling its mission as a bridge between the Party, the State with the people. Happy 70th birthday of Nhan Dan Newspaper!

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