Molasses glutinous rice cake helps to put Thái Bình on the map

Molasses glutinous rice cake helps to put Thái Bình on the map

NDO/VNS - Molasses glutinous rice cake (locally known as ‘banh mat’) is among the many special dishes of Bach Thuan Village that help put Thai Binh Province on the map as a traditional cuisine centre. (Nov 20, 2021 12:17:29)


‘Bun day’: A must-try dish in Binh Dinh

  Oct 24, 2021 19:22:38
NDO/VNS – Binh Dinh is not only well known nationwide for its seafood dishes, such as fried squid with garlic sauce but also the traditional handmade ‘bun day’ (vermicelli). 

Hue moves to become food capital of Vietnam

  Oct 24, 2021 12:09:37
NDO – The imperial capital of Hue boasts exceptional culinary arts, which is one of the most competitive advantages in tourism development. Over the past few years, the city’s authorities have displayed determination and exerted efforts towards the preservation, building and promotion of its quintessential culinary culture, targeting to develop the city into the ‘food capital" of Vietnam. 

Crunchy roasted pork: A special treat in Duong Lam village

  Oct 09, 2021 11:27:17
NDO/VNA - It would be great regret if visitors to Duong Lam village in Son Tay town, Hanoi skip the local crunchy roasted pork which is a renowned dish of this village. 

‘Che lam’: A not-to-be-missed delicacy in ancient village of Hanoi

  Oct 03, 2021 11:43:47
NDO/VNA – ‘Che lam’ (nutty ginger sticky rice bars) is a not-to-be-missed delicacy of locals in Duong Lam village in Son Tay town, Hanoi. Aside from the original flavour, the food now also has many other tastes. 

Leaf salad with unique tastes from the forests

  Oct 02, 2021 17:59:11
NDO – When visiting Kon Tum, visitors can not only admire the white coffee flowers in bloom in March or the bright yellow wild sunflowers in November but also visit famous architectural works while enjoying the specialties of the Central Highland Region, especially the unique leaf salad. 

Saigon rice flour cake braves novel shrimp-paste flavour

  Sep 26, 2021 22:06:07
Rice flour cake, or 'banh duc', a popular old-age Vietnamese dish, eaten with shrimp paste has proven to be an intriguing culinary combination in Saigon. 

Soya sauce – a delicacy of Hung Yen

  Sep 18, 2021 15:42:14
NDO/VNA – ‘Tuong Ban’ (Ban soya sauce) has been a delicacy of northern Vietnam since the end of the 19th century. It is a delicacy found in Ban Yen Nhan Ward in My Hao Town, Hung Yen province. 

Binh Phuoc provides a simple yet healthy nut salad

  Sep 12, 2021 15:39:38
The salty, sweet and sour flavors in the cashew nut salad of Binh Phuoc Province are appealing to food lovers. 

Grilled Vietnamese rice 'pizza' the talk of the town

  Sep 05, 2021 19:07:57
A combination of savoury beef jerky, aromatic scallions, fatty pate, and creamy quail egg yolk, this Da Nang dish, grilled rice paper, bears the heart of local youth. 

‘Banh tieu’ filled with mung bean in Vung Tau

  Aug 29, 2021 17:40:28
Similar to 'banh beo' because of its varied fillings, banh tieu is popular in Vietnam, Taiwan (China) and China in numerous versions ranging from pork and beef fillings to no filling at all. 

Frog Hotpot – a favourite dish of Hanoians

  Aug 21, 2021 18:09:56
Frog hotpot is one of the hottest most sought after in the winter days for many Hanoians. 

Bringing the central region’s cuisine closer to the world

  Aug 16, 2021 17:36:49
NDO - The unique culinary culture of the central region has long since made a strong impression on domestic and foreign tourists. 

Raw fish fermented with maize powder: A mouthwatering dish in Vinh Phuc province

  Aug 15, 2021 15:15:43
NDO/VNA - Lap Thach raw fish fermented with maize powder is a specialty in Van Quan commune, Lap Thach district, northern Vinh Phuc province. 

Programme promotes cuisine of Vietnam’s central region

  Aug 09, 2021 17:26:54
NDO – The second episode of the ‘Food Culture - Central Region Heritage Road' programme will be held virtually on August 14 to discuss ways to promote the excellent cuisine of Vietnam’s central region.