'Au tau' - a special porridge favoured by H'mong people in Ha Giang

Sunday, 2021-12-19 22:28:43
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The main ingredient of a special porridge favoured by the Hmong people in Ha Giang is the root of the monkshood aconite plant, known as 'au tau', which typically grows on Ha Giang’s highest mountain peak, Tay Con Linh.

The process of cooking the porridge is very time-consuming, because the roots can be poisonous without being processed and cooked in the right manner.

After harvest, the roots are soaked in water for a night and then simmered on a fire for about four hours. They can then be turned into dough and mixed with glutinous rice and pork trotters.

The porridge is only sold at night and is served with fried minced pork, pepper, herbs and sour bamboo shoots.