Binh Phuoc provides a simple yet healthy nut salad

Binh Phuoc provides a simple yet healthy nut salad

The salty, sweet and sour flavors in the cashew nut salad of Binh Phuoc Province are appealing to food lovers. (Sep 12, 2021 15:39:38)


Programme promotes cuisine of Vietnam’s central region

  Aug 09, 2021 17:26:54
NDO – The second episode of the ‘Food Culture - Central Region Heritage Road' programme will be held virtually on August 14 to discuss ways to promote the excellent cuisine of Vietnam’s central region. 

Fried duck meat cake: A specialty of Cao Bang

  Aug 07, 2021 11:50:27
'Banh ap chao', or fried duck meat cake, is a popular street food in the northern province of Cao Bang. 

“Thit kho” (Caramelised Pork Belly)

  Aug 01, 2021 19:38:18
We also know that meat contains a number of important nutrients that are needed by our bodies for carrying out vital metabolic functions and provide us with energy and keep us healthy. Therefore, meat is one of the most popular food in our diets. 

Logo design contest to promote Hue's culinary culture

  Jul 29, 2021 16:54:54
NDO - In order to introduce and promote the quintessence of Hue’s culinary culture to domestic and foreign tourists in a professional, impressive and attractive manner, the Department of Tourism of Thua Thien Hue province has organised a logo design contest themed "Hue - Culinary Capital". 

Cao Bang grass jelly: A summertime treat

  Jul 18, 2021 16:17:44
NDO/VNA - The grass jelly is an indispensable ingredient for a delicious cup of sweet soup or soya bean curd of all flavours. The northern province of Cao Bang is famous for this unique kind of jelly. 

Da Nang promotes local cuisine through KOL

  Jul 08, 2021 11:36:25
NDO/VNA - Da Nang City Tourism Promotion Centre, in collaboration with Helen Le, the host of Helen’s Recipes YouTube channel on Vietnamese cuisine, have launched a livestream programme entitled “Mam Mam Da Nang” to provide viewers with cooking instructions for typical Da Nang dishes. 

Programme to advertise Da Nang cuisine

  Jul 07, 2021 18:12:49
NDO – The Da Nang city Tourism Promotion Center in collaboration with Helen Le, the host of Helen's Recipes Youtube channel on Vietnamese cuisine, have launched a livestream program entitled ‘Mam Mam Da Nang’ (Yum Yum Da Nang) to provide viewers with cooking instructions for typical Da Nang dishes.  

Smelt-whiting fish salad

  Jul 04, 2021 15:07:40
Smelt-whiting fish salad is a dish unique to Ha Tinh central province's coastal areas like Loc Ha, Nghi Xuan and Thach Ha districts. 

Sticky rice ice cream: A summer treat to beat Hanoi heat

  Jun 20, 2021 19:45:14
Amid the powerful summer heat in Hanoi, it's worth experiencing 'kem xoi' (sticky rice ice cream, which can help to cool the body from the inside. 

Vietnamese cuisine impresses with Michelin brand

  Jun 10, 2021 11:44:21
NDO – Expressing the diverse, rich and unique cuisine of Vietnam, many dishes have become brands across the world, and Michelin has hoped to cooperate with the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) to put Vietnamese cuisine in the Michelin Guide in the near future, contributing to bringing Vietnamese cuisine closer to global friends. 

Salted egg yolk cake

  Jun 06, 2021 19:40:25
Sponge cake with salted egg in Vung Tau city, the central province of Ba Ria - Vung Tau, is the size of a cupcake that can be eaten in one mouthful unlike the full-sized version with salted egg and meat floss on top usually found elsewhere. 

"Banh gat gu" (Nodding rolls) in Quang Ninh

  May 29, 2021 21:14:11
Banh gat gu (Nodding rolls) are a specialty of Tien Yen District, the northern province of Quang Ninh. 

Wild black-jack flowers, an intriguing salad addition in Vietnam mountains

  May 22, 2021 12:56:12
The black-jack flower, which grows in the wild in Vietnam, is used to make a delicate salad in the northwestern mountains.  

‘Bun mam cua’: A don’t miss Pleiku special

  May 15, 2021 17:45:14
Bun mam cua (rice vermicelli soup with crab sauce) is a specialty of Pleiku Town, Gia Lai Province.