City named among Asia's best destinations for 2018 by Lonely Planet

Tuesday, 2018-07-17 10:15:23
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Vietnam’s largest city, Ho Chi Minh City, is ranked third in the top ten attractive destinations in Asia in 2018 by Lonely Planet.
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NDO - The prestigious travel guide company Lonely Planet has recently selected the 10 most attractive destinations in Asia that visitors should not miss in 2018, with Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City among the top recommendations.

Ranked third in the list, Vietnam's largest city features aging apartment blocks “being colonised by vintage clothes stores and independent coffee shops, innovative breweries like Heart of Darkness and East West Brewing are fuelling one of the best craft beer scenes in Southeast Asia, and a selection of eclectic venues are strengthening the local music scene.”

Lonely Planet also pointed to the essential long-standing attractions in the southern metropolis, like the War Remnants Museum, which details HCMC’s recent history in eye-opening displays, a pioneering street food scene and accommodation suited to all standards. “It appears this buzzing Asian megalopolis is in no danger of going out of style,” Lonely Planet said.

A corner of Ho Chi Minh City. (Photo: Dung Pham/500px)

Busan, in the Republic of Korea is at the head of the list. "A stunning confluence of scenery, culture and cuisine, Busan packs an eclectic offering of activities to suit all travelers," said Lonely Planet of the city which tops its 2018 Best in Asia list.

Busan, in the Republic of Korea, is at the head of the Lonely Planet’s list. (Photo: Getty Images)

The second place goes to Uzbekistan. Lonely Planet applauds this Central Asia nation for its visa-free and e-visa schemes, new air routes and extensions to its modern high-speed rail line, "making access to its arsenal of jeweled architecture and ancient cities easier than ever."

Uzbekistan is in the second place. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Meanwhile, Western Ghats, India are in the fourth place. "These rugged hills are UNESCO-listed as one of the top spots for biodiversity in the world, protecting the neelakurinji flower, which blooms only once every 12 years and will be painting the hills in purple livery from August to October 2018," said Lonely Planet.

Western Ghats, India. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Others destinations on the list are Nagasaki (Japan), Chiang Mai (Thailand), Lumbini (Nepal), Arugam Bay (Sri Lanka), Sichuan (China) and Komodo National Park (Indonesia).