Lotus root soup – A tasty and healthy appetizer

Monday, 2018-09-03 11:34:21
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NDO/VNA - Lotus root soup is a traditional dish eaten daily by Vietnamese people. It is also enjoyed at parties, weddings and during the Tet (lunar New Year) holiday. The dish is available at restaurants in all three regions of Vietnam.

There are several ways to cook the dish but the most popular one is to stew lotus roots with pork leg.

The best quality roots are often from West Lake. The dish should be stewed over light fire for 20 minutes.

The savory lotus soup is appreciated for its sweet broth, nutty lotus roots and soft, tasty pork leg.

Professor, Dr Do Tat Loi, an herbal researcher, said lotus root helps eliminate toxins from the body and cools body heat. It is very nutritious for sick patients and pregnant women.