Grilled fish rice paper a signature Quy Nhon dish

Sunday, 2021-04-11 21:55:28
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Grilled fish rice paper, eaten with Vietnamese coriander and chili sauce, is a delicacy distinctive to coastal town Quy Nhon.

The main ingredients of this dish (banh trang cha) are fish, a little bit of tapioca starch to create plasticity, cornstarch and some spices to purify the fishy smells and enhance the characteristic aroma of grilled fish.

The mixture is cut into thin slices, grilled and deep-fried until brown yellow.

Banh trang cha is a childhood delight of many Quy Nhon culinary buffs. The snack can be brought from any place in Quy Nhon at affordable prices, though the best way to enjoy it is at the seaside.