EU strives for energy self-sufficiency

EU strives for energy self-sufficiency

NDO - The European Commission (EC) has planned to spend 195 billion EUR to accelerate the transition to clean energy as well as finding new energy sources. However, experts say that Europe must employ more drasticmeasures to promote this ambitious plan, especially as theEuropean Union (EU) cannot agree in stopping oil imports from Russia. (May 19, 2022 16:14:22)


Priority missions of new Government in RoK

  May 12, 2022 18:29:09
NDO – New President of the Republic of Korea (RoK) Yoon Suk-yeol formally appointed seven ministers on his first day in office. 

Reconstruction of the “common roof” of Europe

  May 11, 2022 18:07:16
NDO - A series of reform measures were proposed at the Conference on the Future of Europe which took place in Strasbourg (France) and closed on May 9, right on Europe Day. 

Long-lasting consequences for the education sector caused by COVID-19

  May 10, 2022 16:37:26
NDO - With the goal of providing children with a comprehensive developmental environment, many countries have reopened schools in a safe and cautious manner. However, although the COVID-19 pandemic has been gradually brought under control, persistent consequences in the education sector still exist, threatening to deprive future generations of valuable job opportunities. 

Prospects for tourism recovery

  May 09, 2022 17:42:42
NDO – The results from the fight against COVID-19 pandemic and the vaccine coverage campaign have created an impetus for Asian countries to continue loosening border controls and boosting the tourism industry to develop again. The positive move has opened the prospects of accelerating post-pandemic economic recovery in the countries. 

India and Europe enhance cooperation

  May 06, 2022 18:00:01
NDO – Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited three European countries during his first overseas trip in 2022. 

Ban on oil imports from Russia: not easy to find a common voice

  May 05, 2022 15:33:00
NDO – The focus of the draft new sanctions on Moscow that European Union (EU) officials are discussing is a ban on oil imports from Russia. However, the “blue flag alliance” is still struggling to find a common voice on this sixth package of sanctions, as the EU members’ autonomy in energy supply is very different. 

Migration, a difficult problem for America

  May 03, 2022 13:53:12
NDO – The migration issue is “heating up” again in Central America, as thousands of people rush to the north of the region. The alarming numbers of migrants show the need for a common roadmap, with close coordination between countries in the region, to completely solve the problem of migration that has persisted for many years. 

Filling the ‘gap’ in vaccination for children

  May 01, 2022 15:43:05
NDO – More than two years since its outbreak, the COVID-19 pandemic has severely disrupted vaccination campaigns around the globe, putting many children at risk of dangerous diseases that could have been prevented by vaccines. If the "gaps" in vaccination are not filled soon, the world's epidemic prevention achievements over the past 20 years could be reversed. 

Challenges in new term for head of the Elysee Palace

  Apr 29, 2022 16:24:29
NDO - Emmanuel Macron won France’s presidential election. However, it is quite confusing that voters in the hexagonal-shaped country do not support the ruling party with a majority of seats in the parliament. This signalled an uneasy tenure for the head of the Elysee Palace. 

Warning from nature

  Apr 28, 2022 16:56:30
NDO - The United Nations (UN) recently predicted that the world will face around 560 natural disasters a year by 2030. Combating climate change is more urgent than ever and needs the joint efforts and consensus of all countries around the world. 

Security depression in Middle East region

  Apr 27, 2022 16:09:08
NDO - Violence erupted in Jerusalem during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, Christian Easter and Jewish Passover, leaving at least 200 people injured. Escalating tension at a sensitive time threatens to push the Middle East into a security depression. 

Urgent solutions needed to solve the problem of food insecurity

  Apr 25, 2022 10:27:15
NDO - The food security crisis is at risk of prolonging and spreading in many regions around the globe as the Russia-Ukraine conflict has caused food prices to soar. The food security crisis is creating a particularly severe impact on the poorest, thus the international community needs to work together to implement urgent solutions to this problem. 

Presidential election to determine development and future of France

  Apr 24, 2022 08:16:07
NDO - The “two-horse race” for the Elysee Palace in France between outgoing President Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen of the far-right National Rally party is coming to an end. With very different political views, the choice of who to elect as the new President in the “final” on April 24 will determine the development direction and future of France in the coming years. 

Earth Day: a much needed investment in our planet

  Apr 23, 2022 16:28:30
NDO - On Earth Day 2022 under the theme “Invest in Our Planet”, the United Nations called for cooperation to revitalise nature for a healthy planet for future generations. This is the moment to change it all, from the business climate and the political climate to how humans take action on climate.