World media praises President Ho Chi Minh

Monday, 2020-05-18 11:05:41
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President Ho Chi Minh (R) and Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru laid the foundation for Vietnam-India relations.
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NDO – International media has praised President Ho Chi Minh in a series of articles published on the occasion of the great Vietnamese leader’s 130th birthday (May 19).

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Ciudad Caracas Newspaper of Venezuela has published an article reviewing the great features of President Ho Chi Minh’s life and career, highlighting Uncle Ho's great contributions to the cause of national liberation and revolution of Vietnam.

The article also highlighted the exemplary model of President Ho Chi Minh's revolutionary morality, affirming that his thoughts have laid the ideological foundation for the Communist Party of Vietnam, thus paving the way for the nation’s revolution.

The article concluded that President Ho Chi Minh always endeavoured to build solidarity for genuine proletarian internationalism, while seeking solutions to the struggle to liberate the humanity.

President Ho Chi Minh's life acts as a noble symbol of the spirit for revolution, independence, patriotism and the love for patriots and justice. He has shared a great love, an intelligent mind and a deep and lasting vision, the article wrote.

In the Republic of Korea (RoK), the AJU newspaper recently posted an article by Prof. Ahn Kyung-hwan from the Chosun University, who affirmed that late President Ho Chi Minh wrote a new chapter in the history of Vietnam and is respected by the Vietnamese people as the greatest hero in the country’s history.

The Korean scholar described the late leader of Vietnam as an embodiment of patriotism who devoted his whole life to the struggle for national independence and freedom and the people’s happiness.

The scholar also noted that the knowledge of the late President was critically important to the promotion of cooperation between the RoK and Vietnam.

On May 17, the Vietnamese Embassy in Canada offered incense to the late President at its headquarters in Ottawa.

Speaking at the event, Ambassador Pham Cao Phong called on embassy staff to uphold the power of patriotism and follow President Ho Chi Minh’s thought, moral virtues and lifestyle, adding that patriotism must be motivated to unite all Vietnamese people in the national great unity bloc.

The diplomate added that the embassy is making an effort to open a Ho Chi Minh display space at the Vietnam House at No. 85 Glebe Boulevard in Ottawa on the occasion of Vietnam’s National Day (September 2).

On the same day, the Canada - Vietnam Friendship Society held an online seminar on President Ho Chi Minh’s legacy and historic contributions to the people of Vietnam and the world.

Watching documentaries and listening to songs about the late President, participants at the event also discussed Vietnam’s contributions to the national liberation movement worldwide, and expressed their interest in the e-book “Ho Chi Minh Songs” by Nguyen Dai Trang, containing 25 songs translated into English as well as images of monuments and memorial areas dedicated to him in more than 20 countries.