12th National Party Congress delegates hold preparatory session

Delegates to the 12th National Party Congress held the preparatory session at the National Convention Centre in Hanoi on the morning of January 20 to finalise all necessary preparations for the opening tomorrow morning.

Delegates to the 12th National Party Congress at the preparatory session
Delegates to the 12th National Party Congress at the preparatory session

At the preparatory session, managed by President Truong Tan Sang, the delegates approved the working regulations of the Congress, and elected the Presidium, the Secretarial Delegation, and the Delegate Eligibility Appraisal Board.

They also adopted the working agenda and election regulations for the 12th National Party Congress and reports examining the eligibility of the delegates.

In the afternoon, the delegates studied the documents provided.

The 12th National Party Congress will officially open at 8 am on January 21. The Congress, which is taking place until January 28, will focus on reviewing the implementation of the 11th Congress’s Resolution, and the outcomes of the 30-year reform cause. It will also define directions, targets, tasks and measures for nation building, safeguarding and development in the next five years.

The main theme of the event is ‘Intensifying the building of a strong and pure Party; promoting the strength of the entire people and socialist democracy; stepping up reform comprehensively and synchronously; firmly safeguarding the nation and maintaining a peaceful and stable environment; and striving to soon turn Vietnam into a modern industrialised country’.

The Congress’s delegates will discuss and approve a number of significant documents including the 11th Party Central Committee’s Political Report; a report reviewing the implementation of socio-economic development tasks during 2011-2015 and putting forth directions and tasks for 2016-2020; and a report reviewing the leadership of the 11th Party Central Committee.

A summary of the execution of the 11th tenure Party Statute will accept proposals on adjustments and supplements if there are any put forward, along with a report on the implementation of the Resolution of the Party Central Committee’s fourth plenum on several urgent issues in Party building.

During the congress, members of the 12th Party Central Committee - the top leading body of the Party between the two congresses - will be elected.

The 12th Party Congress is being attended by 1,510 delegates representing over 4.5 million Party members nationwide. They include 197 official and alternate members of the 11th Central Committee, 1,300 delegates elected at congresses of centrally-managed Party committees and 13 designated members.

The preparations for the Party Congress have now been completed by the Central Committee under the guidance of the Politburo and the Secretariat.