Conference seeks policy recommendations for post-coronavirus business recovery

A conference took place in Hanoi on May 27 to collect recommendations on regulatory, policy and administrative procedure reforms to support post-coronavirus business recovery.

The conference on recommendations for reforms to support businesses
The conference on recommendations for reforms to support businesses

Jointly held by the Prime Minister’s Administrative Procedure Reform Advisory Council, the Vietnam Association of Small and Medium Enterprises and the US Agency for International Development, the conference saw the participation of 1,000 delegates, including representatives of government ministries and agencies, trade associations and leading economists.

Chairman of the Government Office Mai Tien Dung stated that the government is aiming to slash costs by 20% for businesses while stepping up the processing of administrative procedures on the national public service portal.

He noted that the conference is an opportunity to collect valuable feedback from the business community so as to speed up reforms and bring them to life.

Dung stated that the government has introduced a range of policies to boost business growth and abolished many unnecessary and unreasonable requirements which were obstructing business activities.

At the conference, the delegates discussed the current state of enterprises and offered recommendations on improving the business environment so that the Vietnamese economy can grow strongly after the coronavirus outbreak.