Ha Nam attracts 46 projects worth US$192.96 million

The northern province of Ha Nam has attracted 46 investment projects, including 10 foreign direct investment (FDI) and 36 domestic projects, with a total registered capital of over US$192.96 million so far this year, according to Nguyen Van Oang, Director of the provincial Department of Planning and Investment.

Ha Nam prioritises projects in the manufacturing industry.
Ha Nam prioritises projects in the manufacturing industry.

Specifically, local industrial zones have attracted seven projects (six FDI and one domestic) in total worth US$47 million, while the remaining projects worth US$138.62 million were poured into areas outside the industrial parks.

Furthermore, 44 projects were registered to increase capital by an additional US$117.86 million.

In an effort to boost investment attraction in the near future, Ha Nam will continue supplementing and adjusting investment attraction mechanisms and policies towards being more open, quicker and simpler; diversify forms of investment promotion and proactively introduce and call on investors.

The province will also strive to enhance the quality of investment attraction, prioritising projects in the supporting industries and the manufacturing industry, whilst focusing on developing products, which use modern, environmentally friendly and energy-saving technologies, and contribute considerably to the local budget.

Simultaneously, the provincial authorities will strengthen supervision and inspection over the observance of laws on investment, as well as budget collection and contribution, so as to address any arising obstacles in a timely fashion.

In addition, Ha Nam will focus on synchronously completing the technical infrastructure for industrial zones with public utilities in service of businesses, while diversifying capital sources to invest in constructing utilities to serve the lives of labourers, such as accommodation for workers, hospitals and schools.

The province will also work with the relevant units to accelerate the synchronous construction and stable provision of support services for industrial development, such as power, water and telecom services; support enterprises in recruitment work, law consultation, the dissemination of polices and laws among employees; and ensure the fulfilment of the province’s 10 commitments to investors.