Hanoi aims for growth of 7.3%-7.8% in 2018

The capital city has set the target of increasing the size of its economy by between 7.3% and 7.8% next year.

Hanoi aims for growth of 7.3%-7.8% in 2018

The figures are part of a resolution adopted at the December 6 meeting of the municipal councillors, who had earlier passed a plan to build Hoa Lac into a satellite town of 600,000 residents.

Hoa Lac’s development is expected to be driven by a high-tech park and the new campus of the Vietnam National University, which is currently under construction.

Located approximately 30 kilometres to the west of Hanoi, Hoa Lac is connected to the city centre by the Thang Long Thoroughfare and planned rail and BRT lines in the future.

As part of the biannual meeting of the people’s council from December 4-6, Hanoi also supplemented the city’s list of key infrastructure projects for the 2016-2020 period and approved a plan for naming 19 new streets.