Hanoi prepares list of about 840,000 children subject to COVID-10 vaccination

The Hanoi health sector has made a list of about 680,000 – 840,000 children subject to COVID-19 vaccination and has prepared plans and the necessary conditions to ensure safe vaccination for children.

Ho Chi Minh City conducts COVID-19 vaccination for children aged 12-17.
Ho Chi Minh City conducts COVID-19 vaccination for children aged 12-17.

The COVID-19 vaccination campaign for children is scheduled to take place on a national scale from November this year which is said very necessary as children will return school.

According to Deputy Head of the Division of Infectious Diseases Prevention and Control under the Hanoi Centre for Disease Control (CDC) Ngo Khanh Hoang, Hanoi has prepared two options for vaccination for children. If children return to school fully, they will be administered at schools, and if the COVID-19 pandemic develops complicatedly, they will be vaccinated in the community.

"We will start injecting the children as soon as the Ministry of Health allocates the necessary volume of vaccine. If there is not enough vaccine, the city will inject children beginning from oldest to youngest,” said Khong Minh Tuan, deputy director of Hanoi CDC.

“If the vaccine source is guaranteed, the city will deploy large-scale vaccination for children, which can be administered to children under 12 years old. We hope that vaccination for children will be implemented soon,” Tuan added.

Tuan also noted that parents should not worry about the reaction after vaccination for children because many countries have completed vaccination for children from 12-17 years old and even conducting vaccination for children aged 5-11.

In addition, he emphasised the importance of medical screening before vaccination to obtain correct indications and conduct safe injection on the right subjects.