Spreading humane values

Recently, the acute respiratory disease caused by the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) has affected many aspects of peoples' social life. Beside condemning negative phenomena such as spreading false information about the disease, taking advantage of the disease to make profit, or holding a subjective and irresponsible attitude towards the prevention and control of the epidemic..., there have been devoted and courageous actions from organisations and individuals who have expressed the humane and ethical values of the Vietnamese people.

Volunteers donate blood in the programme in Ninh Binh province on February 14. (Photo: VNA)
Volunteers donate blood in the programme in Ninh Binh province on February 14. (Photo: VNA)

While many countries have controlled their borders in a strict manner, even refused to receive their citizens from epidemic areas, the Vietnamese Government has cleared air routes to bring medical aid to China and welcome compatriots who were stuck in the centre of isolation area - Wuhan City (Hubei Province, China) back to Vietnam.

Carrying out that mission are brave doctors and crew members. More than anyone, they were aware of the dangers they were facing, but they still set out to complete the important task in hand.

While some people increased prices or even refused to sell medical face masks, there are some young girls and boys who spent their savings to buy and provide people with free masks and hand sanitizer bottles.

The pandemic has also affected the consumption of agricultural products of farmers. There are kind-hearted individuals who bought dozens of tonnes of fruits to freely distribute to consumers. Many departments, agencies and businesses have also joined hands to support farmers.

At the beginning of the year, hospitals are usually short of blood. While people are advised not to enter crowded locations, thousands of young people still went to health facilities to donate blood.

Many other courageous and humane actions can be cited and they will certainly be maintained as long as the disease has not been put to a stop. Those actions have indirectly criticised and alerted people with selfish and misleading behaviours; at the same time, confirming that traditional moral values of Vietnamese people always shine through even in difficult circumstances.

Humane actions should be more encouraged, honoured and replicated. Agencies, mass organisations and social organisations should continue to encourage specific and practical contributions of people in the fight against Covid-19; at the same time support and guide them to carry out the work in a safe and effective manner as the epidemic still has complicated developments.