Vietnamese firms should renew trade promotion methods

The Vietnam Export Promotion Forum 2019 opened in Hanoi on April 12, to discuss the renewal of trade promotion methods to help enhance production capacity and export value for Vietnamese enterprises.

Delegates speaking at the forum
Delegates speaking at the forum

Addressing the forum, Minister of Industry and Trade Do Thang Hai emphasised that the forum aimed to discuss new ways of export promotion to meet the current trend of market approaches in the world and to diversify trade promotion activities.

Minister Hai said that the export structure of Vietnamese goods has seen positive changes over the past few years, with a reduction in the exports of raw materials and increases of processed products, creating conditions for Vietnamese goods to deeply participate in the global production and supply chain.

Experts shared their insight about world market trends and issues that Vietnamese enterprises should pay attention to in order to effectively access and expand export markets through e-commerce promotion and digital platforms.

Vietnamese enterprises are facing opportunities to participate in global supply chains and access markets in a flat world, urging them to change their perception of trade promotion towards connecting on a digital platform with their partners.

Experts also held that Vietnamese firms, particularly small-and medium-sized, will encounter challenges in building information platforms, market forecasts, and finding customers to capture trends and tastes at markets.

According to experts, in an international environment and with the participation of Vietnam in many international trade agreements, export growth is not based on export turnover but the higher value-added value and the grasp of data from markets.