Brazil and Mexico set record for daily coronavirus deaths

Brazil registered a record number of daily deaths from the coronavirus for the second consecutive day, according to Health Ministry data released on Wednesday(June 3).

The Iztapalapa neighborhood in Mexico City on May 8. (Photo: Reuters)
The Iztapalapa neighborhood in Mexico City on May 8. (Photo: Reuters)

The nation recorded 1,349 new coronavirus deaths on Wednesday, and 28,633 additional confirmed cases, the data showed.

Brazil has now registered 32,548 deaths and 584,016 total confirmed cases.

Meanwhile, Mexico overtook the United States in daily reported deaths from the novel coronavirus for the first time on Wednesday, with the health ministry registering a record 1,092 fatalities it attributed to improved documenting of the pandemic.

Latin American has emerged in recent weeks as a major center for coronavirus.

Wednesday saw a record 3,912 new infections, with the number of daily deaths more than twice the previous record of 501.

The total number of known cases in Latin America's second-largest economy is now 101,238 and its tally of deaths is 11,729, making it the seventh country with most deaths from the virus, according to the John Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering.

Mexico, with just over a third of the population of the United States, is at an earlier stage of the pandemic curve than its neighbor and the government has acknowledged that deaths could eventually surpass 30,000.

US daily reported deaths were 1,045 on Wednesday, government data showed.