Experts discuss measures to bring down prices of consumer goods

Friday, 2022-08-05 10:32:58
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Current fuel prices are now equivalent to the January levels.
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NDO - Experts joined a seminar on August 4 to discuss the causes and solutions to the issue that the prices of consumer goods remain high despite substantial cuts to fuel prices.

The prices of petrol and oil have been lowered several times recently to be equivalent to the January levels, but the prices of essential goods and transport costs have not gone down and are negatively affecting people’s lives.

According to experts, there is always a time lag in adjustments to the prices of goods and services directly linked to fuel prices, but if the delay is too long, then it is not right.

Economist Can Van Luc pointed out that enterprises are afraid that if they mark down the prices immediately, it will be difficult for them to raise prices later, which he dismissed as unconvincing.

He agreed that some delay is acceptable, however prices should be adjusted within weeks, not months.

Experts have called for prompt actions by the competent authorities, which should step up inspection in order to fine those violating regulations on price management.