Conference on Sustainable Ocean Economy and Climate Change Adaptation held

NDO– An International Conference on a Sustainable Ocean Economy and Climate Change Adaptation “Solutions for a climate resilient Blue Economy” took place in Hanoi on May 12.

Conference on Sustainable Ocean Economy and Climate Change Adaptation held

More than 400 domestic and international delegates discussed ways to promote the sustainable use of ocean resources and the key challenges posed by the COVID-19 crisis, climate change, and environmental pollution.

Under the framework of the conference, scenarios for Vietnam’s maritime economy were outlined in a report launched at a ceremony jointly held by the Vietnam Administration of Seas and Islands at the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and the UN Development Programme (UNDP).

“The blue economy scenarios for Vietnam” report covers the six major sectors of fishery, renewable energy, oil and gas, tourism, transport, environment, and eco-system.

UNDP Resident Representative in Vietnam Caitlin Wiesen said Vietnam has huge potential for aquaculture, marine renewable energy, especially in offshore wind, biodiversity ecosystem services and tourism.

She suggested the country speed up maritime spatial planning and roll out policies to make use of this potential.

Research studies show that blue scenarios bring about higher interests than basic ones in terms of the GDP contribution from economic sectors.

Ta Dinh Thi, Vice Chairman of the National Assembly's Committee on Science, Technology and Environment, said the report is valuable for managers, policymakers, scientists and those who are interested in this sphere.

Given the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the coastal and sea-based economic sectors have played an increasingly important role in recovering socio-economic activities and spurring the country’s economic growth.

The report also offers recommendations to promote the maritime economy in Vietnam.