Cultivating resources for the new era

At the moment of transition between the old year and the new year, heaven and earth lovingly cherish the new spring buds, and people’s hearts also warmly calm down.
Photo: Ministry of Information and Communications
Photo: Ministry of Information and Communications

Vietnam has gone through 2023 with many special milestones. There is pride when the value of Vietnam's national brand increased one level to 32nd among 100 strong national brands in the world and credit rating agency Fitch Ratings upgraded Vietnam’s long-term national credit from BB to BB+ with a “stable” outlook, opening up opportunities to attract investment in 2024.

In the not-so-bright picture of the global economy, Vietnam is mentioned with parameters such as basic macroeconomic stability; inflation, public debt, government debt, foreign debt, and state budget overspending have been controlled, and major balances of the economy have been ensured. Economic growth in 2023 was estimated to reach 5.05%, among the countries with the highest growth rates in the region and the world; for the first time, Vietnam's GDP exceeded 400 billion USD, ranking third in ASEAN and among the 40 largest economies in the world and the top 20 economies in terms of trade and foreign investment attraction.

Vietnam has proactively integrated comprehensively and deeply into the world, constantly enhancing its position and international reputation. The cultural and social fields continued to be cared for, invested in and developed, achieving many important results and demonstrating the superiority of the socialist regime. Vietnam has accomplished all goals and tasks with a focus on preventing, combating, controlling, and overcoming the consequences of the epidemic while promoting socio-economic recovery and development.

These successes in the context of changes in the world and the region, with many countries facing war, conflict or challenges of reduced economic growth and trade, further affirming the correctness of the Party’s guidelines. It is an achievement created from the strength of belief, the spirit of solidarity, patriotism, affection and national self-respect, and the efforts and great aspirations of Vietnamese people both at home and abroad. Welcoming the Spring of the Dragon 2024, the predecessors are respectfully congratulated on that success. This sacred moment opened up the wish to make the country strong and prosperous, and the strength and wisdom of Vietnamese people in the new period were spread.

Document of the 13th Party Congress oriented on “preserving and promoting cultural values and the strength of Vietnamese people in the cause of building and protecting the Fatherland and international integration”. At the 8th plenum of the 13th Party Central Committee, Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong emphasised that Vietnamese intellectuals are a high-quality workforce contributing to building and developing the country. Regarding the planning of the Party Central Committee for the 2026-2031 tenure, the Party stated the goal: “Strategic-level cadre planning is very important work of the Party placed under the direct and absolute leadership of the Party Central Committee, the Politburo, meeting the requirements of building a team of high-ranking Party officials with sufficient qualities, capacity, prestige, and on par with the tasks”.

From a very early age, the Party placed people at the centre of development; running the wheel of progress is human; the goal of all efforts is also for humans. Therefore, all guidelines and policies of the Party and State have always focused on building and strengthening the contingent, utilising and promoting talented people’s capabilities, strongly upholding human qualities and aspirations in the cause of national development and promoting civilisation and social progress.

Our country, through many ups and downs, suffering and glory, has forged Vietnamese people who are diligent, strong, talented, compassionate, and faithful. Society today and in the future continues to nurture the values of the Vietnamese people in the new era with the will to be self-reliant and eager to learn with the spirit of innovation, flexibility, adaptability, and responsibility. 2024 is an important pivotal year to strongly promote all resources and successfully implement the Resolution of the 13th National Party Congress. Promoting the internal strength of the country and people, consolidating, fostering and multiplying the core values of the Vietnamese people and giving wings to talented people to contribute effectively to the country's development are important tasks that our entire Party and people need to strive to implement and complete.

The New Spring 2024 will open up opportunities for the country, which is also an opportunity for talented, intellectual and brave people with enthusiasm to build a prosperous and strong country. It is also the confluence of the sacred spirit of rivers and mountains, heroic history, and thousand years of civilisation combined with the power of the times, cultivating the national spirit and contributing to realising the will and aspirations of the Vietnamese people.