Da Nang tourism develops digital transformation and smart lighting solutions

The Da Nang Municipal Department of Tourism coordinated with related units to organise a seminar on improving digital transformation capacity and smart lighting solutions at tourist accommodation establishments in 2022.

An overview of the seminar
An overview of the seminar

It was considered an opportunity for associations, businesses providing services, solutions for digital transformation, smart lighting, and tourist accommodation establishments to learn more about convenient and smart technology solutions.

According to Deputy Director of the Da Nang Municipal Department of Tourism Nguyen Xuan Binh, in the context of the complicated development of the COVID-19 epidemic, the tourism industry has not completely recovered and the behaviour and trends of tourists have witnessed significant changes.

Creating new experiences and unique tourism products through digital transformation solutions, and optimising operations at accommodation facilities is very important to improve competitiveness and attract tourists, he said.

Many tourist accommodation establishments have focused on smart lighting solutions to create a highlight for the project, saving on labour, operation and electricity costs, to increase the competitiveness of tourist accommodation establishments in meeting the comfort, aesthetic and emotional needs of the service experience.

He noted the first goal in the process of tourism digital transformation is to upgrade facilities and invest in modern equipment for accommodation facilities to meet the needs of personalised experiences of visitors.