Enterprises with "open innovation" trend

The strategy for scientific-technological development and innovation until 2030 states: One of the key tasks and solutions for the development of science, technology and innovation is to strongly deploy open innovation platforms and networks, in order to attract all domestic and foreign investment resources to create new technologies, new products, and form new businesses.

Customers experience VinaPhone’s 5G application.
Customers experience VinaPhone’s 5G application.

This is the first time that the open innovation solution has been mentioned, confirming its role in innovation in general and innovation in enterprises in particular.

Open innovation is a new trend in science and technology development in the world. Instead of just focusing on the resources of the unit itself as in the traditional method, or "ordering" an organisation or individual to solve the technology problem of the business as long ago, businesses need to cooperate to exploit all innovation sources from outside, in order to achieve the goal of improving the quality of products and goods most effectively, and bringing products and services to the market as quickly as possible.

For example, if an enterprise needs a technology solution, it must at the same time have access to all domestic and foreign research groups so that they can offer many methods to solve problems from which the business can make its choice.

In Vietnam, a number of corporations are already following this trend by setting up funds, supporting programmes for research institutes and universities, and collaborating with organisations to the most suitable technology at the most reasonable cost; or set up an "open" research room to invite start-ups to solve business problems.

According to the assessment of the Ministry of Science and Technology, many large companies and corporations are also facing difficulties with the rapid development of technology and the changing of market demands.

It is no longer appropriate to rely solely on resources within the company in order to easily keep up with current changes and innovations. Therefore, seeking outside support and help is extremely important. Specifically, open innovation is one of the highly effective models to solve problems for businesses.

Over the past time, components in Vietnam's innovation ecosystem have formed, creating favourable conditions for open innovation.

For example, start-ups with many technology products, research groups, universities and research institutes are willing to join a network of experts to solve business problems. Incubators and investment funds will contribute to promoting and supporting the process of solving problems for businesses in a faster and more complete manner. In order to promote open innovation, it is necessary to connect the above components, and most importantly, businesses need to actively state their challenges for the parties to solve.

To make the most of technological knowledge, businesses need to form an open innovation technology platform to bring their ideas outside and allow other businesses to use them or to source external technology.

The innovative technology platform not only benefits each company, but also supports innovative start-ups to access new opportunities to work and collaborate in the innovation ecosystem. The state should also have a mechanism to encourage and support enterprises to participate in open innovation.

In addition, it is necessary to promote communication work so that businesses will realise that this is a necessary complement to their innovation in order to update the latest technology trends in the process of developing their products.

Translated by NDO