Environmental ministry launches smart operating centre

Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Tran Hong Ha chaired the inauguration of the ministry’s smart operating centre in Hanoi on June 4.

Delegates at the event (Photo: VGP)
Delegates at the event (Photo: VGP)

Speaking at the ceremony, Minister and Chairman of the Government Office Mai Tien Dung lauded the ministry as one of the leading three ministries for use of information technology in management, and the first one to follow the Prime Minister’s Decision No.293 on submitting reports through the Government’s reporting system.

Minister Ha said the environment ministry has been focused on e-government building and digital transformation since 2016, with the support of the Government Office, the Ministry of Information and Communications, the Government Information Security Committee and telecom and IT providers.

It has performed five key tasks, including creating a legal framework for the operation of e-government, completing legal documents on the use and management of natural resource data, providing online public services, and issuing regulations on the standards of data on land, surveying and mapping.

The ministry also built synchronous technical infrastructure and put the network of global satellite navigation systems VNGEONET into use to improve the quality of mapping and land measurement, thus contributing to the development of smart transportation and urban areas.

Since 2017, the ministry has set up a management connectivity system with its departments and held paperless meetings. It also completed the building of an early reporting system that connects with the national reporting system as well as put an online system into use for controlling sources of waste discharge and providing air quality information to the public.