PM demands tightening level-based information system security

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh signed a directive on February 23 demanding stricter adherence to information security regulations and enhanced level-based information system security measures.
At a security control centre in Ninh Thuan province. (Photo: VNA)
At a security control centre in Ninh Thuan province. (Photo: VNA)

The directive underscored the critical role of level-based information system security, emphasising its alignment with the existing Law on Cybersecurity.

The PM asked ministers, heads of ministerial-level and Government agencies, Chairpersons of the centrally-run municipal and provincial People's Committees, Chairs of the Boards of Directors and Members’ Councils, General Directors of State-owned corporations, groups, commercial State-owned banks, the Vietnam Development Bank, the Vietnam Bank for Social Policies, the Cooperative Bank of Vietnam and other State-owned credit and financial institutions nationwide to take direct responsibility for information security in their respective agencies or localities.

They must hold accountable to the PM and the law should any breaches or security incidents occur within their purview.

Under the directive, they were assigned to ensure that all operational information systems, ranging from level 1 to level 5, receive proper security clearance no later than this September.

The Ministry of Information and Communications was tasked with issuing and disseminating a handbook on compliance with legal regulations and strengthening information system security according to the level. At the same time, it must strengthen inspection and examine the compliance with information security regulations.

Other specific tasks were also assigned to IT security companies, telecom and Internet providers.