First online map of Vietnamese cuisine to be launched

An online map of Vietnamese cuisine, named “Variations - Thousands of ingredients, cooking millions of Vietnamese dishes" will officially launch on September 8. Notably, people can contribute their own recipes to the online map to help it become the largest such map online in Vietnam.
First online map of Vietnamese cuisine to be launched

This event aims to bring experiences about local cuisine and ingredients as well as the opportunity to explore and learn about cultures of all regions and localities.

By experiencing the online map of Vietnamese cuisine, users can "enjoy" the specialties of each locality, thereby understanding and appreciating the value of diversity and richness in Vietnamese cuisine.

Developed as a social networking platform, this map will be a place for people to interact, share, and research recipes and stories about culinary culture of regions and local ingredients, thereby contributing to enriching the treasure trove of delicious recipes while spreading the value of Vietnamese culinary culture to domestic and international friends.

Specifically, from September 8 to October 6, users can make contributions and experience the online culinary map on the official website of the programme at

With vivid graphic design and convenient operation, users can easily access to practice dishes from all over the country, towards enriching the daily menu for their family and friends and having the opportunity to receive thousands of attractive gifts from the programme.

Earlier, on July 11, the Tourism Information Centre under the Vietnam National Authority of Tourism and Maggi brand under the Nestlé Vietnam Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement to promote Vietnamese tourism, cuisine, and culture to the world through the project “Variations – Thousands of ingredients, cooking millions of Vietnamese dishes”.

In addition to the launching of the online culinary map, Maggi brand will also coordinate with Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Association, Saigon Professional Chefs Association and the Centre for Research, Conservation and Development of Vietnamese Cuisine to organise a festival honouring Vietnamese cuisine from October 20-22.

At the festival, the map of Vietnamese cuisine (phase 2) will be displayed, breaking its own record with 189 delicious dishes from provinces and cities across the country cooked by hundreds of culinary artisans right at the festival. In phase 1, the map will introduce 63 delicious dishes of 63 provinces and cities.

A wide variety of other attractive activities will also be held, including culinary performances, cooking lessons on stage, music activities, and more.