First provincial biodiversity museum launched in Quang Nam

The first-ever provincial-level biodiversity museum was launched in the central province of Quang Nam on May 15, introducing more than 3,700 photos and 1,200 specimens of flora and fauna found in the locality.
The Quang Nam biodiversity museum is launched on May 15 (Photo:
The Quang Nam biodiversity museum is launched on May 15 (Photo:

The museum, run by the provincial Department of Natural Resources and Environment, has different exhibition areas, including botanical and animal display areas, an interactive area, a documentation room, a research room, and a sample storage - processing - preservation area.

The museum also keeps biodiversity datasets, documents, digital maps, and scientific reports.

Built from 2015 to 2021, the museum has set up professional partnership with a number of museums and agencies, including the Vietnam Museum of Nature, the Central Coast Nature Museum, and the Green Viet Centre.

Vice Director of the Quang Nam Department of Natural Resources and Environment Le Thuy Trinh said that the launching of the museum is necessary and meaningful, aiming to promote the values of biodiversity and the richness of rare, endemic, and typical flora and fauna species in the province.

The museum is expected to contribute to enhancing public awareness and sense of responsibility of local officials and residents in preserving and promoting the province's biodiversity, she stated.