The fifth National Party Congress

For the Socialist Fatherland and the people’s happiness

The fifth National Party Congress convened in Hanoi from March 27-31, 1982 with the presence of 1,033 delegates representing over 1.72 million Party members from across the country.

The fifth National Party Congress was held in Hanoi from March 27-31, 1982.
The fifth National Party Congress was held in Hanoi from March 27-31, 1982.

The congress comprehensively reviewed the successes that the Party and people had gained during the cause of national construction and defence since 1975. The congress affirmed the entire Party, army and people had been overcoming the severe consequences caused by aggressive wars and natural disasters as well as restored and developed production, redistributed social workers and consolidated socialist means of production. In addition, the socialist transformation in the south had achieved initial results.

The congress pointed out objective reasons for the existing shortcomings and weakness, including the serious imbalance of the national economy. The delegates also frankly mentioned mistakes in leading and managing the economy and society.

Continuing implementation of socialist revolution guidelines, the fifth congress outlined major socio-economic tasks for the 1981-1985 period and the rest of the 1980s. They included meeting the most essential and urgent demands, gradually stabilising and initiatively improving the material and spiritual life of people; continuing to build infrastructure and techniques of socialism; boosting production of agricultural products, consumer goods and exports, and equipping all economic industries with more technical equipment to prepare for the strong development of heavy industry in the next stage.

In addition, completion of the socialist transformation in the south and perfection of the socialist means of production in the north, as well as meeting the needs of the cause of defending the country, strengthening national defence and maintaining public security and order were major missions for the 1980s.

The congress set out policies for the development and arrangement of production, implementation of the division and redistribution of social workers, rearrangement of capital construction, and improvement of the work of distribution and circulation.

The congress also focused on improvement of the socialist transformation and consolidation of socialist means of production in terms of ownership, management and distribution around the country; strict thrift practice, particularly in capital construction and production; rapid and extensive application of scientific and technical advances in production and life; and renewal of the economic management system.

The congress emphasised the promotion of cultural and medical activities appropriate to economic demands and possibilities; active and steady implementation of educational reform; and plans for training technical officers, managers and skilled workers.

It was determined to be essential to enhance social management and resolutely combat illegal behavior, social evils and other negative manifestations; and uphold discipline in State management, economic management and maintaining social security and order; as well as ensuring economic demands in the work of strengthening national security and defence.

Regarding Party building, the congress determined the necessity of further improving the pioneering role of the Party, andbuilding a strong Party in politics, ideology and organisation in order to ensure successful implementation of the Party’s guidelines, and improve the leadership of the Party for the cause of building socialism and national protection as well as making the Party clean and closely linked to the people.

The congress elected the 152-member Party Central Committee with 116 official members and 36 alternate members. The Party Central Committee elected the Politburo with 13 official and two alternate members; comrade Le Duan was reelected as Party General Secretary.

General Secretary Le Duan passed away in July 10, 1986. The Party Central Committee convened an extraordinary meeting on July 14 and elected comrade Truong Chinh as Party General Secretary.