Global Performance Excellence Award 2020 launched

Global Performance Excellence Award (GPEA) 2020 has been launched, according to the Asia Pacific Quality Organisation (APQO).

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The GPEA (introduced in 2000 as IAPQA) is the only formal international recognition of performance or business excellence. The program is administered by the APQO which is a non-stock, non-profit organization that serves as an umbrella group that brings together all of the leading quality professional societies in Asia Pacific Region.

In 2010, the name of this prestigious award was changed from IAPQA to GPEA to reflect the evolution in the field of quality from a focus on product and service quality to a strategic focus encompassing overall organizational performance termed performance/organizational/business excellence. The GPEA endeavors to bridge the cultural geographic and economic system gap of National Quality Awards (NQA).

GPEA today is a strategic enabling tool for global performance excellence. It helps to strengthen the strategies and performance of organizations both public, private and NGOs to succeed in the fast-evolving global market place and be future ready in the current digital era. The GPEA process promotes and strengthen awareness in performance excellence as an increasingly important tool in competitiveness towards global business success and sustainability. Adopting best practices within a country or region are extremely important for raising organizational performance levels, the customer experience, and the standard of living. This results in improving each country or regions economic and business activity and driving GDP performance.

The GPEA process, which includes an assessment by an international panel of experienced assessors, provides an excellent opportunity for winners of National Quality Awards to benchmark and better understand their opportunities regarding improvement and performance based on the Business Excellence Model.

In Vietnam, in 2019, four enterprises won the GPEA, including: Viglacera Corporation (Hanoi); Kizuna JV Corporation (Long An); Tan A Manufacturing and Trading Company Limited (Hanoi); and Central Power Electronic Measurement Equipment Manufacturing Centre (Da Nang).

In Vietnam, after 23 years of implementing the National Quality Award, until now, there have been 1,914 business organisations awarded the National Quality Award.

In particular, among Vietnamese enterprises that have won the National Quality Award, up to now, there are 50 typical businesses that have been honoured GPEA by the APQO.