Le Chan Festival commemorates Hai Phong founder

Nhan Dan – A festival was held on March 8 in the northern port city of Hai Phong in memory of female general Le Chan, who is credited with having founded the city nearly 2000 years ago.

Le Chan Festival commemorates Hai Phong founder

In addition to traditional rituals in honour of Le Chan, the festival features a wide range of cultural and artistic activities, all taking place in the square in central Hai Phong that bears her name.

Despite the drizzle, many local residents and visitors from other localities attended the festival to pay respects to the female general, who is considered the guardian of Hai Phong City.

General Le Chan is believed to have established An Bien Village, the original name of present-day Hai Phong.

She also mobilised the local people to join the two Trung sisters, who led a rebellion against the Han Chinese invaders in 40 BC.