Nha Trang hosts 2022 paragliding festival

The 2022 Paragliding Festival officially opened in the south-central coastal city of Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa province, on July 1.

The combined performance at Thanh Nien Park (Photo: VNA)
The combined performance at Thanh Nien Park (Photo: VNA)

The festival aims to respond to the programme of “domestic tourism in the safe and flexible adaptation and effective control of the COVID-19 pandemic” launched by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and an action programme of KhanhHoa province’s tourism sector for 2022.

The festival consists of two sections including competitions and performances of non-motorised paragliding and motorised parachutes by about 100 pilots from domestic clubs.

In addition, visitors can register to experience paragliding with pilots to watch the beautiful scenery of Nha Trang from above.

Following the opening ceremony, ten pilots joined a combined performance with motorised parachutes at the Thanh Nien Park on two routes with an altitude of 50-100m above sea level.

The non-motorised paragliding competition is taking place in Dac Loc village, Vinh Phuong commune, with the participation of 50-80 pilots.