Hanoi conducts large-scale rapid testing to prevent Covid-19

Tuesday, 2020-03-31 17:38:01
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Medical staff taking samples from residents.
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NDO - On the morning of March 31, ten field test stations were set up in various areas in the capital city of Hanoi, using rapid Covid-19 test kits which have been imported from the Republic of Korea (RoK),

A field test station is put into place in the Dong Da Secondary School to conduct rapid tests for patients who went to Bach Mai Hospital between March 10 and 28.

From early morning, functional forces transferred the necessary medical tools to the field test station. The civil defense forces divided people to ensure safety.

Doctors and experts from the RoK conducting disinfection and wearing protective clothing.

Hanoi authorities have invited experts from the RoK to design ten field test stations in accordance with World Health Organisation (WHO) standards. A station has an area of 3x3m and is equipped with electricity and a wireless internet service.

The Hanoi Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) received 5,000 test kits from the Ministry of Health. The corporation will also provide the city with the kits in the coming time.

“The kits, which were produced and used in the RoK, show test results in 10 minutes through blood samples”, said Chairman of Hanoi municipal People’s Committee Nguyen Duc Chung.

Director of Dong Da District Medical Centre, Nguyen Duc Tuan, said that the centre has coordinated with experts to set up five rapid test stations in Dong Da Secondary School and has made plans to classify the samples. “People will begin to be tested from March 31 and patients who went to Bach Mai Hospital and residents near the hospital will be prioritised’, he said.

In addition to medical staff in the District, students from the Hanoi Medical University are in attendance at the rapid test stations.

People who come for the rapid test are required to maintain a minimum distance of 2m from each other, wear face masks and wash their hands with antiseptics.

According to the Deputy Director of the Hanoi CDC, Khong Minh Tuan, large-scale testing is very important during the Covid-19 outbreak, quickly detecting the sources of the disease for a timely treatment plan. The field stations in Dong Da Secondary School are expected to conduct testing for around 500 people on March 31.

Nguyen Minh Thu from Dong Tac Street, Kim Lien Ward, said: “I went to Bach Mai Hospital before March 28, so I am quite worried. I see that the rapid test stations are very convenient because Bach Mai Hospital is now unsafe. Meanwhile, we remain very worried until we are tested”.

The testing procedures are strictly guaranteed and supervised by medical professionals.

After having blood samples taken, people move to a separate area. After ten minutes, medical staffcall them to get their results.

After having blood samples taken, people move to a separate area. After ten minutes, medical staffcall them to get their results.

The first people had negative results.

Truong Dinh Nhan said: “It is fortunate that I have a negative result. There are several people who were taken to quarantine areas around my house, so I came here to get tested”.

As of the morning of March 31, Vietnam has confirmed 204 COVID-19 cases, of which 55 were discharged from the hospital, with the others being treated at medical facilities. Hanoi has recorded the highest number of people infected with Covid-19 in the country, with 85 cases.

Photo credit: HA NAM