PM urges Lao Cai to sustainably, inclusively develop tourism

Lao Cai must strive towards sustainable and inclusive tourism development, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc told the northern mountainous province’s trade, investment and tourism promotion conference, which took place on July 20.

PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc witnesses the signing of cooperation agreements at the conference. (Photo: VGP)
PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc witnesses the signing of cooperation agreements at the conference. (Photo: VGP)

The conference entailed that Lao Cai must foster tourism growth while preserving local landscapes and natural biodiversity and protect their unique cultures and environment, Phuc said. And, at the same time, all local people must be able to enjoy the fruitions of tourism development for what they have contributed to, he added.

The PM urged the province to sustainably develop local traditional industries, like the making of steel billets, cement, kaolin, and yellow phosphorus, saying the government does not welcome investors in mining with a short-term vision, outdated technology and small-scale production that may hamper environmental sustainability and contribute very little to the economic growth.

He also underlined the need to intensify the prevention of illegal mineral exports and revoke inefficient mining projects.

The leader moved on to talk about Lao Cai’s promising agriculture, highlighting seven crops set to grow on large-scale specialised farms, including high-quality rice, specialty rices, medicinal herbs, vegetables, high-quality tea, tropical fruits, temperate fruits and flowers.
If advanced techniques and technologies are applied, the average agricultural revenue can reach VND120 – 150 million per hectare and even VND200 – 300 million per hectare or even more in the next few years, he said.

PM Phuc suggested Lao Cai develop agriculture on three pillars – organic and clean farming, the use of high-end technology in production and processing, and linkages in value chains.

He asked the province to improve the accessibility of land and information for businesses and enhance the quality of business support services while investing more on vocational education and human resource qualities.

He also sent a message to investors, saying all investors to Lao Cai in particular and the Northwest region in general are appreciated as, despite this land’s great potential, local people struggle to make ends meet and infrastructure is poor in many areas.

“Each penny from the investor, each livelihood or job created is valuable,” he said.

He wanted the investors to honour their commitments and make a worthy contribution to the local economy, not only helping create employment but also improve income, productivity and social welfare for the locals.

The event, themed “Lao Cai – A Destination of Success”, brought together over 500 delegates, many of whom were representatives from major groups and enterprises at home and overseas.

Later at the conference, Lao Cai signed cooperation agreements with 11 partners, worth over VND124 trillion (US$5.3 billion) and presented decisions approving investment for eight projects, worth VND22 trillion (US$1 billion). These projects are expected to start between 2019 and early 2020.

PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc also visited a war invalid and the family of a martyr in Lao Cai on the occasion of the 72th anniversary of War Invalids and Martyrs Day (July 27).