Poland, US sign military agreement

Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak and visiting US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo signed an agreement on Saturday (August 15) for the expansion of the US military presence and the creation of a regional headquarter in Poland.

Poland, US sign military agreement

They signed the so-called Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA), a legal framework that deepens military cooperation between the two countries.

The core of the new agreement consists of the opening of a base in Poland for the 5th Corps of the US Army, which is expected to open in 2021. The total number of American soldiers in Poland will increase by 1,000 to around 5,500.

Blaszczak told Polish Press Agency that the deal will cost Poland around EUR113 million (US$134 million). "Like other countries with a United States military presence, Poland guarantees and pays for military quarters, sustenance, a yearly allowance of fuel, storage of select equipment and armaments, and infrastructure," he said.