Highest determination promoted to ensure social security and restore economic development

Sunday, 2021-11-14 09:42:28
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The 15th National Assembly wraps up its second session on November 13.
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NDO - The second session of the 15th National Assembly (NA) took place within the context that the entire Party, army and people are actively implementing the Resolution of the 13th National Party Congress. The global economy is recovering but is slowing down... Domestically, the COVID-19 epidemic broke out for the fourth time with a new strain, spreading very quickly and more dangerously, with complicated developments, and had a negative impact on many fields, seriously affecting production, business, livelihood and people's mortality.

Faced with that situation, the NA and NA Standing Committee have closely examined the reality of life, and made important decisions to join hands with the entirecountry in preventing and controlling the epidemic, maintaining production and business, and supporting people and businesses to initially overcome difficulties and challenges. The NA delegates focused on research, openly discussed and agreed with the Government indetermination to overcome all difficulties and obstacles to better ensure social security for the people and restore economic development in the final months of 2021.

Accordingly, importance has been attached to the epidemic prevention and control; expeditiously developing and organising the implementation of specific plans and scenarios that are close to the actual situation; taking drastic actions, effectively and synchronously deploying the tasks and solutions set out under the motto of being sensitive, flexible, creative, calm and timely with the overall goal of protecting health and life of the people first and foremost; as well as promoting aid, vaccine import, technology transfer, research and domestic production, while speeding up vaccination rollout, preparing necessary treatment drugs and improving medical capacity, especially treatment at grassroots levels...

The NA and the Government have urgently finalised and reported to the competent authorities their overall strategy on epidemic prevention and control, the programme on economic and social recovery and development; reviewed and immediately removed difficulties and obstacles related to institutions; reduced procedures and costs of production and business; accelerated disbursement of public investment capital; strongly promoted exports; and strictly controlled prices and markets. Attention has also been paid to prioritise the implementation of practical and effective support mechanisms and policies for people and businesses to quickly restore the labour market directly affected by the COVID-19 epidemic…

At this session, the NA delegates frankly pointed out the limitations and weaknesses in the process of governance, economic and social development as well as the epidemic prevention and control over the past, and at the same time analysed the causes, objective and subjective factors of that situation. The NA proposed to the Government many solutions to overcome inadequacies as well as new directions in the future.

Carrying out its legislative function, the NA considered and approved two bills, gave opinions on five other bills, and issued 12 resolutions... The NA spent time discussing many important issues, notably the economic restructuring plan, the national land use plan; the implementation of social insurance policies and regimes, and management and use of the social insurance fund and the health insurance fund; and the draft resolution on a number of specific mechanisms and policies for the development of some localities...

These are all issues that will directly affect the sustainable development of the country and the social security of the people. Therefore, in every NA session, every opinion of the delegates at 62 bridge points or at the NA House came from the highest interests of the country and the community.

This is also the first session of the 15th NA to conduct question-and-answer activities. Over more than two working days, the NA deputies, members of the Government and the Prime Minister went in-depth, asked the right questions, and correctly answered the key and current issues of interest to voters nationwide. In which, the NA deputies firmly grasped the reality, asked questions in a highly constructive spirit, briefly and clearly questioned, closely followed the group of issues; especially intensified the debate to further clarify the issue; frankly pointed out limitations and weaknesses, ask for clarification of responsibilities, as well as suggest solutions; thereby suggesting and supplementing solutions so that the Government, ministries and branches have appropriate decisions in management and administration, meeting the beliefs and expectations of voters and people nationwide. The Prime Minister, Government members with high sense of responsibility answered seriously, did not shy away from difficult and complicated issues, explained and clarified many of the issues raised by the deputies; at the same time, accepted responsibility for the shortcomings, and committed to overcome, and create positive changes in the future.

After 16 days of working with a high sense of responsibility, seriousness and science, the second session of the 15th NA concluded successfully, with important decisions that will strengthen the whole country to successfully implement the dual goals set by the Government and the Prime Minister. The NA and its deputies continued to present themselves as a NA ofaction, continuing the tradition of thirsting for innovation and dedication, always putting people and businesses at the centre of all decisions, for sustainable development of the country.

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